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Age: 32, Location: Farmington, United States of America
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December 10, 2005
After sucking on your breasts i would move down to thoes legs and kiss your inner thighs and then i would tear thoes panties off you and dive in between your legs.....
February 28, 2005
Holy shit, who said she was fat? Fucking awesome tits. Gorgeous. Absolutely amazing. Would be nice of you to lose the bottoms though =P
January 22, 2005
I'm in southwest, PA (near pitts) ... n' added more pics; their uploading n such
January 22, 2005
Please please [ost some more pics....its been to long since the last one
January 21, 2005
I would sooooooooo love to fuck you!!!!!
January 18, 2005
I'm in Pa where in Pa are you?
January 18, 2005
I think you hot!!!!! Not fat at all. You can sit on my face anytime. oh yeah awesome tits
January 15, 2005
Where in PA are you?
January 14, 2005
Please post more wannabe, I realy do think your one of the hottest on this site.
January 13, 2005
Begin with* haha hate typos
January 13, 2005
And its mostly unregistered people leavin those gay comments, get some balls n' register or something, but hey these fat comments dont bother me, everyone has their own opinion n' if u dont like my pics, u shouldnt comment to being with. But neways... =)
January 13, 2005
Thanx Guys for the great/nice comments!!! ..These fat comments are getting old, i dont even care anymore, coz i know im not fat n' i wasnt as a lil kid either, i'm just well developed thank u very much u low lifes!
January 10, 2005
It seems she is gone :( Long time untill she posted a new pic.
January 8, 2005
I like your thinking guys.... so how about it Kel?
January 7, 2005
That would be so hot, would love a pic of you bent over with nothing on and your titties hanging down from your chest. *Drooling*
January 6, 2005
You're so gorgeous.... and those titties are a knockout,,,, you've got a burger I'd love to eat over and over again... now how about a shot of your tight ass, with you bent over that soft bed of yours.... ready and waiting!
January 5, 2005
There is a god
January 5, 2005
There is a god
January 4, 2005
Your PURRRRRRRFECT ..... YOU can be my playmate ANYTIME sweetheart :)
January 3, 2005
Not everything is playboy material, and 90% of the girls in playboy are probly bulimic, which I find entirely much worse then having some meet to hold onto, WP dont listen to these assholes, they have a distorted view of the world and wouldent be able to lay a girlfriend of your quality ever.
January 3, 2005
I agree, she definately is over weight for playboy, you can tell she was fat as a kid cause of her tits... sorry lady- definately not playboy material
January 3, 2005
Too fat...you're a retard....
January 3, 2005
You are too fat to be in playboy, get over it
January 3, 2005
HOT DAMN! This chick rocks! Great tits, nice pose!
January 3, 2005
Fuck... thats a sexy pic!!! wish it was closer tho!!! Great tits!!!
January 3, 2005
Damn once again you have left me speechless. Hows about a pic of you on your hands and knees?!?!
January 3, 2005
Great angle!
January 3, 2005
I luv you ..... damn ..... talk about HOT !!! :)
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